What You Need For An Awesome Barbecue With Friends


With spring just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the rebirth of nature if not with a delicious barbecue alongside your best friends and family members. And, if you’re not sure exactly what it takes to throw a successful BBQ, here are some easy and budget-friendly ideas.

Find the perfect barbecue grill

Assuming you’re new to the business or you want to upgrade your cooking skills, you’ll have to invest in a high-quality grill that will meat your needs (pun intended). Choose one according to the number of guests you’re planning to have and how much food you want to cook at once.

Most grills offer enough cooking space for one meal for up to six people at once, meaning your food will be ready faster, no matter how many of your friends you invited over.


You give me fever

Unless you’re a professional burger flipper, chances are you are going to need a meat thermometer to make sure it is thoroughly cooked on both sides. This simple tool also allows you to prepare meat and burgers according to everyone’s tastes, including medium-rare or well done.

Bear in mind that the perfect internal temperature for cooked chicken is 329 degrees Fahrenheit, while pork and beef do well at 293 degrees Fahrenheit.


Dust if you must

Another useful tool you’re going to need while preparing the food for your guests is a good grill brush. This will help you clean all residues and get rid of grease, dust, debris, and smoke. Make sure to thoroughly scrub your grill grates before putting the meat and veggies on the grill to enjoy an unaltered taste every time.

If you own a porcelain or stainless steel grill, you should use a brass brush that won’t scratch or damage the surface. On the contrary, if you opted for a cast iron grill, the common wire brush is the tool you need to make your grill look like new.


Grill ingredients and side dishes

The key to a successful barbecue is to integrate food for all tastes. That being said, you should opt for beef, turkey, and chicken burgers, ribs, steak, shish kebab, chicken wings, and delicious veggies. You can also add sausages and any other type of meat you like.

Once the ingredients are ready to go on the grill, think about the side dishes you’ll serve. There are thousands of delicious salad recipes you can try with various ingredients to satisfy all tastes. From the common tomato, cucumber, and avocado salad to the fancy apple cranberry almond coleslaw, baked beans, grilled cheese, and chicken pesto pasta salad, there is a dish for everyone.


Ready to rumble

Last but not least, you should also create the perfect laid-back party atmosphere. You can go through a buying guide to find the perfect retro boombox to listen to your favorite tunes in your garden and don’t forget about a heater too, especially if you plan on hosting the barbecue in early spring or late fall.

Which mattresses are good for the elderly?

With age, our bodies require more and more attention and care. A good night’s sleep is difficult to obtain and sore mornings can turn into days of back pain and achy joints. This is why buying an appropriate mattress is crucial if you want to preserve a certain level of comfort during the night.


While innerspring mattresses seem to still hold the monopoly on the market thanks to the extra support they offer, seniors have different needs that may not be well fulfilled by a firm sleeping surface. On the contrary, sleeping on a firm mattress, such as an orthopedic one may cause joint pain and back problems, as these areas are more sensitive on elderly persons. A soft sleeping surface will offer more protection, as it gives more relief to pressure points.

If you are looking for the best mattresses, memory foam mattresses seem to be the better choice. Not only that they are soft and embrace the shape of the body, but they also are non-allergenic. However, because some support is needed for a good spinal alignment, hybrid mattresses  or memory foam with a high-density foam base will fit into this combination of features much better. The firm core or base is also recommended as memory foam tends to make it difficult to move, and because of its heat retention capacity, movement should be the only way to cool off.


Another feature that needs to be considered when purchasing a mattress for seniors is its height. Not everyone enjoys the “falling”out of the bed” that a high mattress causes, and for some seniors it is an impossibility and a risk of serious injury. This is why you should consider a maximum height of 10 inches for your new mattress.

If you’re buying a mattress for two, think about getting a zipp-and-link combination, that will allow you to respect the needs of both individuals, without having to have separate beds. You can then combine an orthopaedic or other medically required type of mattress with a regular, innerspring, or a soft, memory foam mattress.

The advantages of camcorders over smartphone cameras

With the smartphones industry developing at such a fast pace, and manufacturers trying to integrate the best technologies into the smallest packages, many of you might wonder if buying an individual camera is still worth the trouble, and especially the money.

At a first glamp, a smartphone seems to hold all the advantages, being smaller, cheaper, and being able to offer the same Full HD resolutions as an expensive camcorder. However, there are a few reasons why people still turn to the classic handheld camera.


While it’s not the first thing experts will bring up in such a discussion, we will begin by referring to the sensibility of a smartphone when it comes to filming outside of the comfort-zone. Camcorders offer you the possibility of housing them into water and shock-proof cases that can get you filming in rough weather conditions and even under water without the risk of ruining hundreds of dollars worth equipment.

As for the quality of the videos and the image in general, smartphones have come a long way, being now capable of high resolution, some of them even offering 4K. However, the resolution is not everything when it comes to the quality of the image. Camcorders still hold the first place when talking about viewfinder, optical zoom and visual settings. While the viewfinder on a camcorder gives you much more control over the composition and framing of the image, the optical zoom lets you target your details without the trembling and blurr that the digital zoom on smartphones cause.

White balance, appropriate exposure and aperture are crucial to obtaining quality footage, and they are in your control with a camcorder.


Storage is another feature that gives camcorders the upper hand. Some models including both an internal, non removable flash memory chip and Micro-SD slots that allow you to store an immense quantity of footage. Smartphones can also house a lot of data, but they also serve many more purposes than just filming and storing videos. Apps, music, games, all of these need memory space, and you’re probably not going to still want them at hand even if you’ve decided to become a filmmaker.

This leads us to our last point of discussion. Just like memory space, video shooting requires power. While dedicated camcorders have their own rechargeable battery that can ensure several hours of continuous filming while you’re using your phone for urgent calls and texting, the smartphone dies altogether when it runs out of juice, especially if you’re recording in full HD.

How to find the perfect present for a Star Wars lover


Star Wars is probably the most successful movie franchise ever made. Started by director George Lucas in 1977, it depicts the lives and stories of various fictional characters in a parallel galaxy “a long time ago”. The timeline of the franchise is quite hard to follow if you’re not a true fan as there are nine different movies, with the ninth one set to appear in 2019.

The original trilogy consists of chapters IV, V, and VI, followed by three prequels (I, II, and III), as well as three sequels (VII, VIII, and IX). Apart from that, the Star Wars franchise also benefited from two anthology films, three TV films, as well as numerous animated series throughout the years.

With such a complex universe, it comes as no surprise that Star Wars managed to gather profits in the billions of dollars and millions of crazy fans from all over the world. If your friend is a franchise enthusiast, here are some perfect presents for a true Star Wars fan.


Food and beverages

Although we cannot give you a complete list of all the gifts, if your friend is also a foodie we are more than sure he or she will appreciate some of our suggestions.

For instance, using the Star Wars chopsticks offers a great way to practice your Asian eating habits and still channel the force inside you. These chopsticks resemble the famous Jedi swords and come in different color choices. There is even a set of cutlery styled to resemble the lightsaber handles if you need a break from your chopstick practice.

If you’re more of a tea enthusiast, you can opt for the Death Star tea infuser or one of the can coolers. What we love about can coolers is that they come in different sizes and designs while still being completely functional. So, next time you want to keep your beer cold, you can opt for a classy Stormtrooper design or go wild and choose the Chewbacca design.

However, by far one of the coolest Star Wars gifts remains the R2-D2 measuring set. The world’s most popular droid is here to help you improve your cooking skills and teach you how to cook delicious and perfect recipes. The measuring set is complete with spoons and cups of different sizes so you always correctly measure your ingredients.



If you want to decorate your house like a true Star Wars pro, you should definitely consider some creative posters. Whether we talk about the original vintage ones or the newer, minimalist versions, there is a wide array of posters you can opt for to decorate the walls and the rooms of your home. You can even choose the Stormtrooper stylish suit version for your dressing or bedroom design.


Using the right temperatures with your blow dryer so you can get great styling results


There are two big aspects of using a blow dryer that need to be considered before plugging it. The first one is to what purpose you are using the appliance in that particular moment, and the second one is what setting is appropriate for that purpose.


If you’re simply using the blow dryer to dry the hair, the setting should only provide as much heat as your type of hair can withstand without sustaining damages. It’s only logical that thin hair will be less resistant to high heat than thick, strong hair, so your first job is making sure your blow dryer has a low temperature setting.


Furthermore, the recommended temperature is different for dripping-wet hair and damp hair. The first category can be dried using a higher level of heat, provided that you move the flow of the dryer constantly, to spread that heat as evenly as possible. On the other hand, the later category requires a lower setting for the temperature because once the water has already begun to disappear from the hair, the object of the heat flow will become the hair itself and the water in the very fiber.


in order to avoid complete dehydration. As true as it is that hot air should generally be avoided, you can still use it for styling as long as you know your limits. If you’re trying to straighten your hair with the use of the hair dryer, going downwards the strand of hair with a medium to high temperature setting will get you the desired result. However, because, as we pointed out before, not every hair type supports high heat, using a heat-protection spray or other product is mandatory.


In order to get your curls shiny and defined, use your round brush to fix the curl, and move the blow dryer across the length of the brush first with medium-high heat, and then use the cool temperature setting to seal in the curl. Cold air can also be used for giving your hair a special shine at the end of the drying cycle, as it seals the cuticles of the hair. Plus, if you’re been overusing the hot air flow, this trick will help your hair cool down faster, and minimize the damage of overheating.


In conclusion, in order to achieve a good look and keep your hair healthy and safe at the same time, you need to understand what are the limits of your hair and how to set your dryer to respect them.



Why drop-side cribs have been banned from sale?

As of the middle of 2011, the manufacture of drop-side cribs has been prohibited in the US, as well as the sale, resale and distribution of these items. This was a decision made after a long series of infant and toddler deaths caused by this model of crib, which proved to maintain a deadly risk in spite of standard safety tests.

To understand how these tragedies occurred and why , instead of just toughening the standards, the government decided an absolute ban, let us understand what a drop-side crib is and how it was managed.


This infamous type of crib is different on only one aspect from a common crib: it has a side that is placed on two rails that make it come down and back up in order to give the parent more freedom of movement. The whole problem that got these cribs prohibited and recalled by the millions lies with this mobile side. The main argument that the government gave was that because of certain manufacture and usage practices, the cribs can for a gap between the mattress and the mobile part, where an infant can be trapped and suffocated.

So what are these practices that can lead to such terrible consequences? Just as in car seat related-accidents, some of the times it is about assembling the crib in a faulty way. As the mobile parts are placed upside-down, they create more wear than the crib is capable to handle and the rails turn loose with times. Other problems are related to the materials used in the construction of the cribs. Plastic and soft wood wear off and break easily and this leads to the same deadly gap, or to a partial disassembly of the crib, which opens the way to head and limbs injuries and so on.


Many people raised their voices in defending the concept, saying that banning is less effective than improving the invention, and that some thought should be given to simply resolving the issues, instead of causing such a heavy financial loss for so many businesses. However, the force of the new established safety standards has reached further than just this product, making manufacturers everywhere reconsider their product features and set the safety of children at the top of their priority list.

Safety considerations when using a flat iron



Heat-inducing hair tools can be as damaging as efficient if used in the wrong manner. In order to protect the hair as much as possible and reduce the risk of burning or severe dehydration, one can apply a few safety measures.


First of all, one must understand the ways in which the action of a flat iron can damage the hair or post danger to its health. Of course, most of the risks come from exposing the hair to the heat, so in order to protect it, we need to reduce the potential damages that heat may cause. The main way to do so is to make sure the hair is hydrated enough so that it will put up its own resistance. A prior washing and the use of conditioner will give your hair and scalp a hydration boost, and will keep the dirt and sebum from being fried into the hair when using the flat iron.


Some people take the “keep the hair hydrated” advice a little too serious and they end up making everything worse. While prior washing is necessary, having your hair wet and even damp, will cause massive damage to it, and might send you directly to the hairdresser’s for a dramatic cut. Always have your hair dry when using the flat iron, otherwise you will simply be boiling it.


Another important thing you must remember when you’re using the straightener is that the temperature should match your type of hair. Thin, frail hair will get burnt in seconds if you’re using the highest level of temperature. In the same way, using a low temperature level on thick, coarse hair will make you go over a strand over and over again, which will end up with the same damaging result.


While your hair being damp will do a lot of damage, not having anything to help protect it will take its toll in the long run. They might seem more like a money-consuming caprice, but heat protectant sprays will give your hair the protection needed by creating a cover that will spread the heat evenly – you know how that’s what makes ceramic plates the best.


However, neither the conditioner, nor the hair protectant form an unbreakable armour against heat damage, so always be careful on the level of temperature you’re using and how often you expose your hair to this treatment.