What You Need For An Awesome Barbecue With Friends


With spring just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the rebirth of nature if not with a delicious barbecue alongside your best friends and family members. And, if you’re not sure exactly what it takes to throw a successful BBQ, here are some easy and budget-friendly ideas.

Find the perfect barbecue grill

Assuming you’re new to the business or you want to upgrade your cooking skills, you’ll have to invest in a high-quality grill that will meat your needs (pun intended). Choose one according to the number of guests you’re planning to have and how much food you want to cook at once.

Most grills offer enough cooking space for one meal for up to six people at once, meaning your food will be ready faster, no matter how many of your friends you invited over.


You give me fever

Unless you’re a professional burger flipper, chances are you are going to need a meat thermometer to make sure it is thoroughly cooked on both sides. This simple tool also allows you to prepare meat and burgers according to everyone’s tastes, including medium-rare or well done.

Bear in mind that the perfect internal temperature for cooked chicken is 329 degrees Fahrenheit, while pork and beef do well at 293 degrees Fahrenheit.


Dust if you must

Another useful tool you’re going to need while preparing the food for your guests is a good grill brush. This will help you clean all residues and get rid of grease, dust, debris, and smoke. Make sure to thoroughly scrub your grill grates before putting the meat and veggies on the grill to enjoy an unaltered taste every time.

If you own a porcelain or stainless steel grill, you should use a brass brush that won’t scratch or damage the surface. On the contrary, if you opted for a cast iron grill, the common wire brush is the tool you need to make your grill look like new.


Grill ingredients and side dishes

The key to a successful barbecue is to integrate food for all tastes. That being said, you should opt for beef, turkey, and chicken burgers, ribs, steak, shish kebab, chicken wings, and delicious veggies. You can also add sausages and any other type of meat you like.

Once the ingredients are ready to go on the grill, think about the side dishes you’ll serve. There are thousands of delicious salad recipes you can try with various ingredients to satisfy all tastes. From the common tomato, cucumber, and avocado salad to the fancy apple cranberry almond coleslaw, baked beans, grilled cheese, and chicken pesto pasta salad, there is a dish for everyone.


Ready to rumble

Last but not least, you should also create the perfect laid-back party atmosphere. You can go through a buying guide to find the perfect retro boombox to listen to your favorite tunes in your garden and don’t forget about a heater too, especially if you plan on hosting the barbecue in early spring or late fall.