The advantages of camcorders over smartphone cameras

With the smartphones industry developing at such a fast pace, and manufacturers trying to integrate the best technologies into the smallest packages, many of you might wonder if buying an individual camera is still worth the trouble, and especially the money.

At a first glamp, a smartphone seems to hold all the advantages, being smaller, cheaper, and being able to offer the same Full HD resolutions as an expensive camcorder. However, there are a few reasons why people still turn to the classic handheld camera.


While it’s not the first thing experts will bring up in such a discussion, we will begin by referring to the sensibility of a smartphone when it comes to filming outside of the comfort-zone. Camcorders offer you the possibility of housing them into water and shock-proof cases that can get you filming in rough weather conditions and even under water without the risk of ruining hundreds of dollars worth equipment.

As for the quality of the videos and the image in general, smartphones have come a long way, being now capable of high resolution, some of them even offering 4K. However, the resolution is not everything when it comes to the quality of the image. Camcorders still hold the first place when talking about viewfinder, optical zoom and visual settings. While the viewfinder on a camcorder gives you much more control over the composition and framing of the image, the optical zoom lets you target your details without the trembling and blurr that the digital zoom on smartphones cause.

White balance, appropriate exposure and aperture are crucial to obtaining quality footage, and they are in your control with a camcorder.


Storage is another feature that gives camcorders the upper hand. Some models including both an internal, non removable flash memory chip and Micro-SD slots that allow you to store an immense quantity of footage. Smartphones can also house a lot of data, but they also serve many more purposes than just filming and storing videos. Apps, music, games, all of these need memory space, and you’re probably not going to still want them at hand even if you’ve decided to become a filmmaker.

This leads us to our last point of discussion. Just like memory space, video shooting requires power. While dedicated camcorders have their own rechargeable battery that can ensure several hours of continuous filming while you’re using your phone for urgent calls and texting, the smartphone dies altogether when it runs out of juice, especially if you’re recording in full HD.

How to find the perfect present for a Star Wars lover


Star Wars is probably the most successful movie franchise ever made. Started by director George Lucas in 1977, it depicts the lives and stories of various fictional characters in a parallel galaxy “a long time ago”. The timeline of the franchise is quite hard to follow if you’re not a true fan as there are nine different movies, with the ninth one set to appear in 2019.

The original trilogy consists of chapters IV, V, and VI, followed by three prequels (I, II, and III), as well as three sequels (VII, VIII, and IX). Apart from that, the Star Wars franchise also benefited from two anthology films, three TV films, as well as numerous animated series throughout the years.

With such a complex universe, it comes as no surprise that Star Wars managed to gather profits in the billions of dollars and millions of crazy fans from all over the world. If your friend is a franchise enthusiast, here are some perfect presents for a true Star Wars fan.


Food and beverages

Although we cannot give you a complete list of all the gifts, if your friend is also a foodie we are more than sure he or she will appreciate some of our suggestions.

For instance, using the Star Wars chopsticks offers a great way to practice your Asian eating habits and still channel the force inside you. These chopsticks resemble the famous Jedi swords and come in different color choices. There is even a set of cutlery styled to resemble the lightsaber handles if you need a break from your chopstick practice.

If you’re more of a tea enthusiast, you can opt for the Death Star tea infuser or one of the can coolers. What we love about can coolers is that they come in different sizes and designs while still being completely functional. So, next time you want to keep your beer cold, you can opt for a classy Stormtrooper design or go wild and choose the Chewbacca design.

However, by far one of the coolest Star Wars gifts remains the R2-D2 measuring set. The world’s most popular droid is here to help you improve your cooking skills and teach you how to cook delicious and perfect recipes. The measuring set is complete with spoons and cups of different sizes so you always correctly measure your ingredients.



If you want to decorate your house like a true Star Wars pro, you should definitely consider some creative posters. Whether we talk about the original vintage ones or the newer, minimalist versions, there is a wide array of posters you can opt for to decorate the walls and the rooms of your home. You can even choose the Stormtrooper stylish suit version for your dressing or bedroom design.