Using the right temperatures with your blow dryer so you can get great styling results


There are two big aspects of using a blow dryer that need to be considered before plugging it. The first one is to what purpose you are using the appliance in that particular moment, and the second one is what setting is appropriate for that purpose.


If you’re simply using the blow dryer to dry the hair, the setting should only provide as much heat as your type of hair can withstand without sustaining damages. It’s only logical that thin hair will be less resistant to high heat than thick, strong hair, so your first job is making sure your blow dryer has a low temperature setting.


Furthermore, the recommended temperature is different for dripping-wet hair and damp hair. The first category can be dried using a higher level of heat, provided that you move the flow of the dryer constantly, to spread that heat as evenly as possible. On the other hand, the later category requires a lower setting for the temperature because once the water has already begun to disappear from the hair, the object of the heat flow will become the hair itself and the water in the very fiber.


in order to avoid complete dehydration. As true as it is that hot air should generally be avoided, you can still use it for styling as long as you know your limits. If you’re trying to straighten your hair with the use of the hair dryer, going downwards the strand of hair with a medium to high temperature setting will get you the desired result. However, because, as we pointed out before, not every hair type supports high heat, using a heat-protection spray or other product is mandatory.


In order to get your curls shiny and defined, use your round brush to fix the curl, and move the blow dryer across the length of the brush first with medium-high heat, and then use the cool temperature setting to seal in the curl. Cold air can also be used for giving your hair a special shine at the end of the drying cycle, as it seals the cuticles of the hair. Plus, if you’re been overusing the hot air flow, this trick will help your hair cool down faster, and minimize the damage of overheating.


In conclusion, in order to achieve a good look and keep your hair healthy and safe at the same time, you need to understand what are the limits of your hair and how to set your dryer to respect them.